Album - Liberty Shines

To order Floyd’s album contact his fan club president, Theresa Bogard at
812-356-4684 or by mail at:
P.O. Box 213 2166 5th
Mermon, IN 47861

Floyd Scott

A native of Sullivan, Indiana, Floyd recently completed an E.P. Album in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was produced by ray Walker, with background vocals by the world-famous Jordanaires and features Floyd’s self-penned anthem “Liberty Shines”.

Floyd has received rave reviews in “Liberty Shines” and is receiving radio airplay on several stations. To hear a sample of this powerful, thought provoking song, click on it in the album section.


Album - Liberty Shines
1. Liberty Shines
2. I Got a New Flame
3. Where Were You Tonight
4. Ex-Wife For Sale
5. If the Fall Don't Kill Me
6. Whiskey Drinking Barroom Country Fool


"Through the fire and the smoke
Lady Liberty was still standing."
-Floyd Scott

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